Differences Between "Conventional Medicine" and "Traditional Medicine"

“Conventional Medicine"
(Allopathic Medicine)
“Traditional Medicine"
(Naturopathic/Holistic Medicine)
Reactive philosophy — responds only after a health problem has been allowed to develop and appear Proactive philosophy — maintains the body in good working condition and prevents the development of health problems
Masks symptoms — assumes that if there are no detectable symptoms, there is no problem Heals problems — assumes that symptoms appear only after the underlying problem becomes severe
Equates symptoms with diseases — assigns a “disease name” to a symptom and attempts to develop a chemical or surgical technique to remove the symptom Equates symptoms with underlying body imbalances and attempts to provide the nutritional elements that will correct the imbalance
Attacks symptoms — assumes that if symptoms can be made to disappear then success has been achieved Promotes healing — attempts to discover and correct the body imbalances that are creating the symptoms
Reacts to disease symptoms Prevents body imbalances
Uses man-made system and tools Uses natural system and tools
Rely on surgery and introduces toxins to the body Feeds the body, mind, and spirit
I give responsibility for my health to my doctor, follow my doctor’s “orders,” and turn my life over to my doctor. I take personal responsibility for my own health, consult with my physician, and make decisions based on what will work best for me given my personal situation and need, not based on convention.